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LOCTITE Thermal Management Materials

As footprints in today's electronic devices decrease, the need to effectively control thermal load has never been greater. Henkel has responded to the demand with an extensive product line-up of thermal management materials to suit every heat control requirement.

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Adhesive Films

When there is a requirement for bonding large areas or complex parts together, thermal adhesive films are the preferred materials. Larger bonding areas are problematic for pastes and other liquid-based mediums, as voids may result; films, however, deliver uniform, void-free bondlines and controlled thicknesses. Supplied in custom, pre-cut formats, Henkel's line of thermal adhesive films offers a clean, waste-free, easily processed solution with a low total cost of ownership in thermally and electrically conductive formulas.


  • Automotive electronics
  • Consumer and industrial electronics
  • Defense and aerospace electronics
  • Handheld communications and computing
  • Green and portable energy (solar)
  • LED lighting
  • Medical electronics
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Wireless datacom infrastructure


Thermally Conductive:

Loctite Ablestik 506

Loctite Ablestik 561K

Loctite Ablestik 563K

Electrically Conductive:

Loctite Ablestik 5025E

Loctite Ablestik CF 3350

Loctite Ablestik ECF 561E

Adhesive Pastes

Henkel's adhesive pastes provide robust mechanical attachment, allowing for the elimination of fasteners such as screws and clips, which also helps reduce device size and weight to align with the trend toward electronics miniaturization. With the ability to maintain thin bondlines and excellent thermal paths, Loctite brand adhesive pastes provide superb thermal management.


  • Heatsinks
  • Ceramic boards
  • Permanent and non-permanent assemblies


Thermal Paste with heatsink

Room Temperature Cure Shimming Pastes:

Loctite 315

Loctite 3873

Heat Cure Shimming Pastes:

Loctite 5404

Loctite Ablestik QMI529HT

Loctite Ablestik QMI536HT

Room Temperature Cure Non-Shimming Pastes:

Loctite 383

Loctite 384

Loctite 3874

Loctite Ablestik 2151

Heat Cure Non-Shimming Pastes:

Loctite Ablestik 8700K

Loctite Ablestik E 3503-1

Loctite Ablestik TE 3530

Phase-Change Materials

Loctite phase-change films deliver on-demand performance with none of the drawbacks of traditional greases. These materials are solid at room temperature, but melt and flow during device operation to provide a thin bondline and high reliability without the "pump-out" often experienced with some thermal greases. The need for effective heat dissipation is critical for power modules. Henkel's Loctite TCP thermal interface material is incorporated at the design phase to ensure reliable performance over the long term and significantly reduces contact resistance between the metal area on the power semiconductor and heat sink. The material can be screen printed to control for specific patterns and thicknesses to accommodate specific applications.


      • CPUs
      • GPUs
      • IGBTs
      • Discrete components


Loctite ECF 1000

Loctite EIF 1000

Loctite PSX 8

Loctite PSX 4000 Series

Loctite TCF 1000

Loctite TCP 7000

Thermal Absorbent Films

Henkel's Loctite TAF series product line consists of market-first thermal absorbent film materials that effectively absorb, spread, insulate and conduct IC-generated heat that is often the cause of high skin temperature in consumer handheld devices. Not only do the materials absorb thermal energy, they also have insulation and controlled directional thermal conductivity to reduce skin temperature. With unique properties that enable the material to be dynamic, Loctite TAF series films regulate heat and the inherent temperature rise and fall of CPU processing. Contourability and application-specific thicknesses make the Loctite TAF series of thermal absorbent films ideal for high-density, space- limited applications.


      • ICs
      • CPUs
      • Handheld devices (smart phones, tablets, portable gaming, etc.)
      • All-in-one PCs & notebooks
      • Portable projectors
      • Ultra-thin notebooks
      • Displays


Loctite TAF Series

Thermal Greases

For manufacturers with a preference for traditional thermal greases, Henkel has several RoHS-compliant formulations. Used in high-performance applications where minimal bondline thickness is essential for high thermal performance, greases offer immediate functionality upon application. In addition, greases have a tendency to compensate for voids easily, so they are a particularly viable solution for devices that have flatness or coplanarity issues. Available in cartridges or bulk containers, Henkel's thermal greases include high- performance, high-temperature reliability, silicone-free and water-cleanable formulas.


Loctite NSWC 100

Loctite TC 4

Loctite TC 8M

Loctite TCP 8175M1

Loctite TG 100

Thermal Pads

Henkel's latest innovation, thermal gap pads, is a solution for mechanical offset applications found in almost every electronic device. Designed in a range of thicknesses and thermal conductivity capabilities, Loctite thermal gap pads have been developed to address specific heat processing needs. The Loctite TFX product line, for example, is designed to provide a high level of compliance or softness and is available in thermal conductivity performance that ranges from 1 to 3.3 W/mK. All Henkel thermal gap pads comply with RoHS and are available in 200 mm x 300 mm sheets with a range of thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 5.5 mm. Customers may also select specific die-cut pads.


Loctite TFX 1000

Loctite TFX 1100

Loctite TFX 3000

Loctite TFX 3300

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