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An Ounce of Prevention... Top 3 Benefits of Thermal Imaging

April 6, 2016

Thermal imaging using infrared provides a way to view automated systems to identify abnormally hot or cool areas or components. This is a powerful prevention and maintenance tool, as in the case with electrical equipment, equipment failure is preceded by a period of increased heat.

Having the ability to identify and fix issues not only increases reliability and productivity for the entire operation, it also prevents major equipment damages, unsafe conditions, and costly downtime. Prevention is not only possible, it makes good business sense.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Thermal Imager on a Regular Basis:

1. Financial Savings:

  • Fewer interruptions during peak operation periods means less downtime and greater productivity.
    Equipment problems are fixed before they fail and damage or destroy the rest of the machine.
    When it’s too late, managing system failures includes the costs involved for expedited equipment replacement and costly overtime to rectify the situation.

2. Quality:

  • A process that runs reliably will produce higher quality than a process that experiences sudden stops, mechanical wrecks, and a lack of maintenance to key components.

3. Safety:

  • An industrial process that runs reliably and without surprises produces a safer work environment. Many industrial processes are complex and run at high speed. A sudden failure on one machine can have a cascading effect of failures and cause safety issues.
  • Overheated electrical connections can cause fires. Faulty wiring, a bad design and overloaded circuits cause overheating, which is detectible with thermal imaging, and therefore preventable.

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