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Are Your Threaded Fasteners Failing?

January 22, 2016

Equipment failure has many causes. Overuse, inadequate maintenance, age— all of these factors and more are common sources of breakdown. Another common cause— and one of the easiest to prevent— is fastener loosening due to worn, fatigued and/or poorly threaded fasteners. LOCTITE® has a simple solution to help tie up the loose ends on your equipment.

LOCTITE’s line of threadlockers is engineered to provide the most reliable and strongest protection against fastener loosening and failure. Applying LOCTITE’s single-component anaerobic threadlocker adhesive to your fasteners fills the void in the thread’s grooves 100% and cures to a hard thermoset plastic when exposed to metal ions in an anaerobic environment. This results in the two parts acting as one conjoined part that provides enhanced reliability and protection against failure.

Diverse Electronics carries the full line of LOCTITE threadlocking adhesives to keep the right objects immovable and working for you. We have in-stock inventory of LOCTITE 2701 and the best pricing on all LOCTITE adhesive products.


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