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Consider Smocks for your ESD Program

Are smocks part of your ESD Control Program? While a person may be grounded using a wrist strap or other grounding methods, that does not mean that insulative clothing fabrics can dissipate a charge to that person’s skin and then to ground. Personnel clothing usually is electrically separate or isolated from the body. Garments that are used to estab
lish the primary ground path for a person shall provide a resistance of less than 35 megohms from the person to the groundable point of the garment.

Desco has just released a new patented hip-to-cuff grounding smock, shielding ESD charges from operators’ clothing and protecting ESD-sensitive items. Smock features:

  • Groundable static control garment system meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 (rtg < 3.5 x 107 ohms) requirement, tested per ANSI/ESD STM2.1 and ESD TR53
  • Minimum 9% carbon conductive nylon fibers woven
    In chain-link design
  • Creates faraday cage effect around torso and arms of operator
  • Set-in style sleeves, reinforced hem, v-neck and stainless steel snaps
  • Available in blue or gray
  • 2-Year/100 launderings limited warranty - garment will maintain its electrical and ESD properties
    Available in sizes extra-small to 6x-large

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