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Keeping Your Products Identifiable

It’s easy to take identification for granted, but when working with barcodes, circuit boards, inventory, wiring and in lab work, identification becomes as important as the item itself --- and maintaining identification is paramount. 

Items that have had their identification labels washed or worn off become unidentifiable, making them worthless. Protect them from:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Repeated cleanings
  • Time

Reduce inefficiencies and waste, and improve processes by using the right product for your application.

BRADY offers a multitude of identification prevent-and-protect solutions that:

  • Save you money – no product waste with chipped readers – print it right the first time
  • Indefinite traceability – keep your items identifiable, traceable and trackable for years
  • Certified and compliant – meet and exceed latest industry standards

As your authorized BRADY distributor, Diverse Electronics knows the extreme conditions that parts can be exposed to on a regular basis. We will help you find the right solutions for your needs so your items retain identification, maintain traceability, and remain industry-compliant.

Ask us about Brady Ultra Temp high-temp and ESD polyimide labels. THT and M71 are 2 very popular series and a good place to start. 

Make sure your important items are labeled properly the first time. Contact us today for assistance and samples!





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