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New TFT LCD Module Enables Application-based Customization

Winstar has just launched its Y Series family of TFT LCD display modules. The new Y Series now provides built in DC-DC multi-output power, whereas traditional TFT LCD modules do not, making it much easier for customers to design their own applications. The Y Series provides the same 40-pin uniformed FPC as traditional TFT LCD modules, and is available in 4 sizes: 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.7” and 7” display modules.

3 Key Advantages of the Y Series TFT Modules:

  • Integrated 40-pin FPC, pre-designed on the modules, located on the bottom of each TFT module panel. Customers supply the Logic Power, Backlight Power and RGB signal, and begin designing products
  • Built-in DC-DC multi-output power (VGH, VGL, AVDD, VCOM)
  • Multi-function Capacitive Touch Panel and Resistive Touch Panel availability

Winstar’s 3.5” model is the WF35Y, a derivative of the WF35L. It has the same 40-pin pre-defined FPC on TFT LCD modules as the other sizes of Y Series, and supports DE and SYNC mode. This display size is 76.9x 63.9mm and has an AA size of 70.08 x 52.56mm, with an operating temperature between -20? to +70? and a storage temperature range from -30? to +80?.

For information on other product offerings in the Y Series family, or to discuss your project, request datasheets or samples, contact your sales rep or


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