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Where do you stand on Wearable Technology?

February 10, 2016

Wearable technology promises to be bigger than the smartphone. The demand is out there for smartwatches, gesture-controlled armbands, transmitting rings, and notification bracelets. Just as mobile phones and tablets displaced the once-dominant PC, so wearable devices are poised to push smartphones aside.

Winstar Display has already released many OLED display modules which are very suitable for wearable devices. We most recommend below two OLED models WEO012832D and WEO012864D for your options.

Model No. Size Outline Dimension Viewing Area Active Area Dot Size
WE0012832D 0.91" 24.384 × 7.584 24.384×7.584 22.384×5.584 0.152×0.152
WE0012864D 0.96" 26.7×19.26 23.938×12.058 21.738×10.858 0.148×0.148

For more information on these Winstar OLEDs or for more information on your custom requirements, contact us today. We'd be happy to discuss your application and needs.


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