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Industrial Vending Machines – Save up to 35%

Diverse Electronic's industrial vending solutions provide secure point-of-use access to supplies and generate detailed usage reporting to reduce consumption and maximize production efficiency. We simplify your inventory management and procurement as we provide, install, maintain and replenish the vending machines. Diverse has partnered with SupplyPro, the leading provider of inventory management vending solutions around the world. SupplyPro has completed more than 16,000 customized installations in 44 countries, and currently manages over 60 million SKUs.

Use Diverse Industrial Vending Solutions to:


High Capacity, Automated Weight-Based Dispensing with Managed Accountability

SupplyScale is a secure flexible weight-based drawer system designed quickly and accurately calculate individual items or handfuls of inventory being taken or returned using locked "smart compartments". The unit includes an integrated touch screen controller and keyboard and a drawer-based manual override in the event of a power outage.

Application suggestions

Cutting Tools • Spare / Critical Parts • Safety Equipment Electrical Connectors and Terminals • Bearings • Abrasives Bulk Inventory Control • Sensors • Switches • Bin Stock Nuts, Bolts, Rivets • Consumables • Valves • Fasteners Welding Supplies • Tool Return Verification • And many more!


  • Inventory automatically adjusted upon completed transaction
  • 24/7/365 secured access
  • Full usage audit trails – see item, who used it and where it was used
  • Eliminates repackaging
  • Rapid refill eliminates individual item counting
  • Set up/Load–minimal steps, intuitive menus, prompting and minimal calibration
  • Supports multiple lid and drawer depth configurations
  • Mix & Match–from single scale to full cabinet flexibility Unique Flexibility
  • Manage smaller items / higher quantities more cost effectively

Features & Specifications

  • Available in different drawer depts units containing from 2 lid to 24 lid capacity per drawer
  • Choose the lid configuration that meets your needs
  • Design your own cabinet to meet your needs for maximum flexibility.
  • 50 lb. combined limit for 2 Secure Bin drawer configuration
  • 100 lb. combined limit for 4, 8, 16 & 24 Secure Bin drawer configuration
  • Minimum Product Weight – 5 grams per product