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Digital Soldering Station w/ LCD

Digital Soldering Station w/ LCD

MPN: AT-90DH Manufacturer: Atten

&bull Room temperature to 350℃C in 10 seconds.
&bull Adjustable temperature,
&bull Silver alloy conductive materials
&bull Automatic sleep mode.

Power consumption: 90W
Input voltage: 220VAC±10% 50Hz (110V selectable)
Output voltage: 24VAC
Temperature Range: 100-500℃C (212-932℃F)
Temperature-correcting Range: -50~+50℃C (-58~+122℃F)
Password Scope: 001-999 (000means unlocked)
Setting Mode?Keying adjustment and immediate access
Password Scope:001?999
Dormant temperature: 200℃C (temperature at the tip of soldering iron in the dormant state)
Dormant time: 1-99mins (No dormancy at the point of 0 minute)
Temperature Accuracy: ±10℃C
Temperature Stability: ±2℃C (Still air and no load)
Tip to ground impedance: <= 2
Tip to ground voltage: <= 2 mV
Dimension: 175(L)×115(W)×95(H)mm
Weight: 2.3KG