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ESD Brush Dissipative Flat H Nylon Hard Bristles 2 In

ESD Brush Dissipative Flat H Nylon Hard Bristles 2 In

MPN: 35687 Manufacturer: Menda
• ESD Brushes are ideal for removing dust, dirt, and foreign object debris from printed circuit boards (PCB) and other static sensitive components

• Allows thorough cleaning of ESD sensitive assemblies without the danger of high charges generated by conventional brushes when held by grounded personnel

• Dissipative fibers should be selected if the product or assembly may be holding a charge and Charged Device Model (CDM) failures are a concern

• High quality, permanently dissipative bristles made of type 6.12 Nylon filament – which will result in no coating or peeling of the static dissipative additive

• Conductive carbon loaded polypropylene handle

• Highly resilient, durable and abrasion resistant

• Hot stamped with ESD protective symbol

• Brushes can be used with IPA (isopropyl alcohol)

• Yellow bristles are highly identifiable to avoid FOD (Foreign Object Debris)

• RTT Resistance: 1 x 109 to <1 x 1011 ohms tested per modified ANSI/ESD S4.1
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