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Electro-Wash MX 10oz

Electro-Wash MX 10oz

MPN: ES1621 Manufacturer: Chemtronics
The extra-strength, plastic safe universal cleaner with a moderate evaporation time

· Safe on plastics
· Flammable
· Xtra cleaning strength
· Ozone safe
· Moderate evaporation rate increases cleaning power
· Leaves no residue
· Removes organic and ionic soils


· Removes flooding compounds
· Cleans contamination from semiconductive cores of high voltage cables
· Moderate evaporation rate increases cleaning power
· Available in aerosol, presaturated tub or presaturated single pack wipe
· Presaturated wipe great for tool box or travel
· Works great with Chemtronics Controlwipes or Coventry Econowipes

· Fiber optics and connectors 
· High voltage cables
· Hard-line coax cable
· Metal and fiber optic cable splices
· Motors and transformers
· Control systems
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