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Flux-Off CZ 12oz

Flux-Off CZ 12oz

MPN: ES7200 Manufacturer: Chemtronics

The first non-ozone depleting, nonflammable fiber optic cleaner safe for use on plastics and fiber

CIROZANE Cleaning Chemistry (CZ). Proprietary Solutions From ITW Chemtronics.

Now, with CIROZANE CFC / HCFC Replacement chemistry, you won’t need to make any more undesirable trade-offs. CIROZANE-based products offer you a high performance, ultra-safe “drop-in” replacement to all CFC and HCFC chemistries. 

CIROZANE chemistry is the result of an 18-month research effort and is based on 3M Novec Engineered Fluids. CIROZANE-based products offer all the performance of CFCs and HCFCs without any ozone depleting compounds.

· Safe on plastics
· Nonflammable
· Ozone safe
· Still the best CFC-113 and HCFC replacement
· Cleans R, RMA, RA, and no-clean flux
· Dries fast
· Leaves no residue

· The best “no worry” flux remover
· Ideal for replacing ozone depleting chemistries

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