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IC Blue ESD-Safe Hand Lotion 1Gal

IC Blue ESD-Safe Hand Lotion 1Gal

MPN: ICL-GAL Manufacturer: R&R Lotion
Our Natural Non-Contaminating Static Dissipative Moisturizing Hand Lotion contains no Silicones, Lanolin’s, Glycerin or Mineral Oils. Absorbs immediately into your skin and is greaseless. Our IC Pregloving Moisturizer helps to relieve dermatitis, urticaria, 'skin flaking', chapping and other irritations due to regular use of gloves and will not degrade or weaken latex gloves.Used in conjunction with wrist straps. Vitamins A, D & E fragranced with all natural herbal steeped tea along with hints of grapefruit and lemon splashes. Helps to meet ESD-TR20.20-2000.
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