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Long Nose Pliers ESD Serrated Jaw 6''

Long Nose Pliers ESD Serrated Jaw 6''

MPN: S321 Manufacturer: Swanstrom Tools

Swanstrom S321 pliers are made with high chromium, high carbon alloy steel that produces clean, fine grain structure forgings to enhance productivity, quality and safety. Pliers are polished even inside the jaws and have beveled edges to prevent nicks and maximize cleanliness.

• (CNC) machining for consistent precision fit and assembly
• Stainless steel double action adjustable leaf springs are welded in place
• Black oxide, anti-glare finish reduces visual fatigue and corrosion.
• Soft Touch, static dissipative, anti-fatigue foam grips give maximum comfort

• Overall Length: 6.01 / 153mm
• Jaw Length: 1.70 / 43mm
• Tip Width: 0.06 / 1.50mm
• Tip Thickness: 0.03 / 0.80mm
• Material: High Chromium,High Carbon Alloy Steel > HRC 65

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