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Max-Kleen Citrus 1 Gal

Max-Kleen Citrus 1 Gal

MPN: ES189 Manufacturer: Chemtronics

Max-Kleen Citrus Heavy-Duty Degreaser

The citrus-based extra-strength, heavy duty degreaser

• Citrus-based formula

• Engineered for fast removal of oxidized grease, sludge, wax, tar and oil

• Does not contain chlorinated Solvents

• Flashpoint greater than 100o F

• Non-corrosive and nonconductive

• Safe on most metals and plastics

• Ozone safe

• Test on plastics

• NSF Registered

• Contains terpenes


• Mechanical parts cleaning

• Removal of tar and waxes from metal surfaces and parts

• Automotive, aerospace, and general fabrication industries degreasing

• Cleaning of hand tools and test probes

• Removal of ink and marker

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