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One-Touch Bottle Blue HCS Label Isopropanol Printed 6

One-Touch Bottle Blue HCS Label Isopropanol Printed 6

MPN: 35735 Manufacturer: Menda
• Available in 4 Colors - orange, yellow, green, blue

• OSHA June 2015 HCS Hazard compliant with Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling Chemicals (GHS) Pictograms and ''Danger'' Signal word

• HDPE Durastatic bottles are dissipative and are designed to protect your valuable static sensitive printed circuitry

• Keep your existing pump. We offer purchase of just the bottles for an economical way to upgrade bottles as needed.

• Make sure workers are aware of chemical hazards every time they pick up a bottle

• Right-to-Know (RTK) labels inform employees of chemical hazards, as required by OSHA's Federal Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200

• No migratory additives - reduces the chance for contamination from the bottle

• Embossed with ESD Protective Symbol

• Long lasting dissipative properties

• Printed with the bottle contents to eliminate the need for additional labels

• Genuine Made in the United States
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