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Solder Bar SAC305 Lead-Free (SN96.5/AG3/CU.5) 1lb Bars

Solder Bar SAC305 Lead-Free (SN96.5/AG3/CU.5) 1lb Bars

MPN: M00685 Manufacturer: Henkel-LOCTITE

MULTICORE 97SC (SAC305) alloy is designed to be a lead free substitute for tin/lead alloys in most electronics assembly soldering operations.  It meets or exceeds QQ-S-571, J-STD-006 and JIS Z 3282 Class A requirements.

Features and benefits:                                                                                                         Henkel Solder Bar Selector

• Best all-around Pb-free alternative

• Lowest melting point, high tin, Pb-free alloy without undesirable additions

• Enhanced wetting characteristics

• Passes IPC/EIA J-STD-006B requirements

IDH: 981501

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