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TechSpray Fine-L-Kote LED2 Silicone Conformal Coating 1 pint

TechSpray Fine-L-Kote LED2 Silicone Conformal Coating 1 pint

MPN: 2125-P Manufacturer: TechSpray
Fine-L-Kote LED2 is specifically designed and formulated for light emitting diode applications, where a completely transparent coating is required to provide a tough, extremely flexible protective coating. It provides the highest flexibility for extreme temperatures on the flex and rigid circuitry found on LED displays and provides an outstanding non-stick surface for soil repellency. Cured coatings are hydrolytically stable and retain their physical electrical properties after high temperature and humidity exposure, without interfering with light wavelength or intensity. Fine-L-Kote LED2 will not stress delicate circuit components and meets the performance parameters (without UV traceability) of MIL-I-46058C, Type SR.

Features & Benefits
• Transparent to visible wavelengths, will not block or change light intensity or wavelength
• Exceptional dirt, dust, and soil repellency; surfaces remain clean longer
• Extends component life by protecting against adverse environments
• Good insulation properties help with circuit insulation characteristics
• Excellent flexibility minimizes thermal stress
• Resists moisture, salt, fungus, corrosive vapors, and severe environments
• Engineered to withstand the heat generated by electronic circuitry as well as climatic temperature extremes
• Passes Cree Coating Chemical Compatibility for Direct and Proximity Testing, MX-6 and XP-E
• Meets IPC-CC-830B UL 94 V-0
• Room temperature moisture cure can be heat accelerated
• RoHS compliant

Ideal for... LED Displays and controls Data Communications Instrumentation Automotive Manufacturing Marine Manufacturing Process Control
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