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New STANNOL Line - SN100C Patented!

More than 130 years of German tradition and innovation in the solder industry, teamed up with one of North America's Top 50 distributors... STANNOL GmbH and DIVERSE ELECTRONICS... an unparalleled partnership where the customer benefits the most – improved overall product offerings in all soldering products and consumables, on-time delivery, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Stannol manufacturers solder bar, paste, wire and flux. In addition to its wide offering of solder materials, Stannol is patented to produce SN100C, a Nihon Superior licensed product used in soldering machines all over the world.   


SN100C is a specially-patented solder developed by NIHON Superior and produced by STANNOL as a response to the trend toward highly-specialized lead-free micro-alloyed solders used today in modern electronics manufacturing. SN100C is a silver-free, eutectic lead-free solder, based on the Sn99.3Cu0.7 alloy, with a melting point of 227ºC – a cost-effective and economical alternative to silver containing lead-free alloys. The patent also contains 500ppm of nickel to reduce copper leaching from PCBs and improve the micro-structure of joints, and the addition of germanium reduces dross formation.

The world-wide accepted and preferred SN100C solder enables customers to maintain high-quality, reliable manufacturing processes, and Diverse is proud to offer it exclusively to Canada through the STANNOL product line.


  • Long-standing specialized patent, proven in soldering systems worldwide
  • Superior purity of tin resulting in reduced dross formation -- less waste, better yield
  • Economical -- does not contain silver
  • Lower copper and iron leaching, lower defect rate, increased quality
  • Can be used in wave and selective soldering equipment, even at higher process temperatures
  • Preserves life span of soldering equipment

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Solder Wire

Solder Wire is used to connect components to each other with electrical conductivity, but can also be used to form a mechanical solder joint on many different soft solderable surfaces. Whatever the application, Stannol has the right Solder Wire solution.

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Solder Paste

Stannol supplies both lead containing and lead-free solder pastes in various particle sizes and packaging (e.g. jars and cartridges) for a wide range of application in reflow soldering and rework soldering processes. Developed for lead-free applications, Stannol offers eutectic silver containing, low-silver and silver-free solder pastes.

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FluxStannol Flux

Used in soft-soldering applications to safely remove oxides
and other contaminants, Stannol offers the right flux for every requirement to ensure a reliable solder connection. Varieties include water-based, conventional solvent-based flux, with or without resin, and with or without certain substances due to special material combinations.

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Stannol also offers a range of Soldering Equipment, Measuring and Testing Systems, Electronic Coatings and Accessories. For more information on any of these products, contact your Diverse sales rep or email