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Acetone 945 ml 1 QT Liquid

Acetone 945 ml 1 QT Liquid

MPN: 434-1L Manufacturer: MG Chemicals
The 434 Acetone is a super-fast drying, VOC-exempt, and zero residue solvent.
It is very useful for 3D printing because it can be used to improve adherence of the ABS plastic to the printing bed. The acetone vapors can also be used to smooth the surface of finished 3D printed pieces.
It can be used as a diluent to meet VOC regulations or to clean hard to clean organic residues. The fast drying time of the 434 makes this a good choice for spray application that require low VOC and quicker drying times.

Features & Benefits
• Enhances Adhesion to the Print Bed for 3D Printing
• Smooth Finishing of 3D Printed Pieces
• Highly Miscible with Other Common Organic Solvents
• Fast Evaporation Rate
• VOC Exempt
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