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Digital Microscope 50X-500X USB

Digital Microscope 50X-500X USB

MPN: DMS-CS02 Manufacturer: Barride
This microscope is a portable, 1.3 megapixel digital microscope that has a USB interface, eight white LED lights with intensity settings, a snapshot button for image capture, optical magnification of 20X to 200X, and digital magnification of 500X. This digital microscope enhances the resolution of an object or image, and connects to a computer for image display. The microscope body has a rubberized, anti-slip coating for durability. Included software has image (JPEG and BMP) and video (AVI) capture functions; it also contains measure software for measuring the size of object precisely. The microscope comes with an adjustable metal stand that includes height and angle adjustment. It is commonly used for quality control (QC) inspection, medical and scientific research, geology, mineralogy, chemistry, and for printing and textile inspection.
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