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Lotion Hand Reztore 32 Oz Peach Scented

Lotion Hand Reztore 32 Oz Peach Scented

MPN: 35661 Manufacturer: Menda
• Silicone-free

• Improves reliability of path-to-ground when using wrist straps, ESD gloves or ESD footwear

• Special ESD formulation for the electronic manufacturing environment; will not insulate skin like regular lotions

• Helps provide reliable path-to-ground, protecting ESD susceptible product

• Dissipative formulation creates a superior path to ground

• Helps lower skin electrical resistance and eliminates annoying and time consuming dry skin wrist strap testing failures

• Non-contaminating and solder-safe; free of chemicals that may adversely affect solderability or cause corrosion of electronic components

• Reduces contamination that can cause solderability problems

• Absorbs quickly

• Easy to use

• Contains Vitamins A, D, and E

• Healthy for users

• Enriched with aloe vera

• Positive skincare benefit

• Mild peach scent

• Pleasant for users

• Made in the United States

Note: Per ESD Handbook TR20.20 paragraph Test Procedure, If the [wrist strap test] resistance is still too high, dry skin might be the problem. Dry skin conditions can be resolved by applying moisturizing lotion on the wrist and repeating the resistance test again. The moisturizing lotion should be one that is compatible with process requirements.

Per ESD Handbook TR20.20 section Common Testing Problems ''Occasionally, footwear may indicate a high resistance. Outside of the shoe material itself being a contributor to high resistance, the wearer's skin (if dry), heavy or insulative socks, or the absence of a sweat layer due to differences in temperature between the inner surfaces of the shoes and the wearer's feet.''

• Surface Resistance: < 1 x 107 ohms
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