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Sealed Poly Swab 2.8'' Nylon Handle 500/Pkg

Sealed Poly Swab 2.8'' Nylon Handle 500/Pkg

MPN: 31040ESD Manufacturer: Chemtronics
ESD Static Control Swabs

Protects components from destructive static discharge

Engineered to eliminate damage from static electricity. The handles of these swabs will dissipate 99% of a 5,000 volt (5 KV) charge in less than 2.0 seconds. The static dissipative plastic alloy used to make the handles is inherently static dissipative. It contains no additives, coatings or surfactants so it functions at any level of humidity and it is very resistant to Solvents — even acetone. Choose between our Class 10 (ISO Class 4) laundered polyester or 100 pore-per-inch ultraclean polyurethane foam.
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