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Solder Wire 0.50mm (0.020'') SN100C LF No Clean 2.7% 500g

Solder Wire 0.50mm (0.020'') SN100C LF No Clean 2.7% 500g

MPN: 810915 Manufacturer: Stannol

The Soldering Wire Kristall 511 electronics soldering wire is based on a halogen-activated ''No-Clean'' flux. It has been developed for high requirements for conventional soldering and for soldering SMDs in industrial production and for repair and resoldering.

The wire flux Kristall 511 is a well activated flux based on synthetic resins. it combines high activity and good flow characteristics in an outstanding way with small amounts of solid and electrically safe residues.

Product Advantages:

• High activation

• Transparent residues

• Fast soldering; also on surfaces which are not optimal for soldering

• Very good dispersion

• Mild odour

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