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X32-10M Low Solids Flux 5 Gal

X32-10M Low Solids Flux 5 Gal

MPN: M00320 Manufacturer: Henkel-LOCTITE
MFR ID: 479653
LOCTITE Multicore X32-10m is a no residue, halide free, low solids flux with a wide operating window, which leaves clean, dry boards after wave soldering. Suitable for foam and spray flux application systems.
• Fast soldering on conventional leaded and SMD components – no bridges or icicles
• No cleaning – reduces costs and eliminates chemical usage
• Wide operating window
• Non corrosive – safer than RMA fluxes
• High surface insulation resistance – without cleaning
• No residues to interfere with ATE probes – without cleaning

Shelf Life: 725 Days

IDH #: 479653
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