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Loctite 402 Adhesive, HT / Med Visc, 20g

Loctite 402 Adhesive, HT / Med Visc, 20g

MPN: 2714628 Manufacturer: Henkel-LOCTITE
LOCTITE 402 is a medium viscosity, high temperature, durable, and fast-setting instant adhesive ideal for a wide range of substrates.
LOCTITE 402 is an ultra-performing, fast-setting instant adhesive that provides reliable performance under extreme operating temperatures up to 135°C. LOCTITE 402 bonds quickly and strongly to a wide range of plastic, rubber, and metal substrates – including difficult-to-bond materials. LOCTITE 402 is ideally suited for the joining of small parts in high-speed production applications as well as quick, on-the-go repairs.
  • Ultra-performance adhesive
  • Temperature resistance up to 135°C/275°F
  • Unique, patented formula with reduced hazardous ingredients
  • Perfect for quick repairs as well as high performance production applications
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