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Why Proper Surface Preparation is Important to Ensure a Strong Adhesive Bond

August 1, 2016

Adhesives can be seriously strong. They’re used in the manufacture of anything from airplanes, automobiles and massive machinery to baby products, golf clubs and mobile phones. These are demanding applications. But if you’re hoping to achieve optimal performance, there’s a job that must be completed before an adhesive is applied: surface preparation.

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Are Your Threaded Fasteners Failing?

January 22, 2016

Equipment failure has many causes. Overuse, inadequate maintenance, age— all of these factors and more are common sources of breakdown. Another common cause— and one of the easiest to prevent— is fastener loosening due to worn, fatigued and/or poorly threaded fasteners. LOCTITE® has a simple solution to help tie up the loose ends on your equipment.

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Why You Should Integrate Adhesives into Your LED Manufacturing Process

January 21, 2016

Across the industry, manufacturers of LED lamps are discovering the benefits of high-performing adhesives over the use of mechanical fasteners like screws and clips. Whether comparing the two assembly methods by manufacturing cost, productivity or performance, adhesives often emerge as the most advantageous option. So, why should you consider integrating adhesives into your LED design?  

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