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Blog - Stannol Solder

Stannol Solder Bars for Electronic Manufacturing

Quality has a long tradition and for the Stannol company it`s more than 130 years. Stannol is well-known to worldwide customers for innovative soldering wires, flux and soldering pastes that are manufactured with care and have impressive reliability. Did you know that Stannol solders for printed circuit boards are produced from virgin metals only and their tin has a minimum purity of 99.9%.

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Why choose SN100C for your soldering process?

For lead-free soldering to be considered successful it is not sufficient just to have dealt with the challenges of mass production. It is also necessary to establish that the soldered joints produced are at least as reliable as those made with SN-37Pb alloy. Reliability means the length of time in service that the initial functionality of the joint can be maintained.

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Try Stannol Trilence Solder Wire for your manufacturing

Stannol has released a new solder wire the Trilence which is the first in their newly designed series. It’s a halogen-activated rosin flux which is based on a matrix of synthetic resin. This solder wires can be applied like conventional wires to solder. The maintenance intervals and the downtime of soldering machines can be considerably reduced by the very low spatter. Diverse Electronics carries the full line, give us a call to learn more or watch the video below.

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