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Why choose SN100C for your soldering process?

For lead-free soldering to be considered successful it is not sufficient just to have dealt with the challenges of mass production. It is also necessary to establish that the soldered joints produced are at least as reliable as those made with SN-37Pb alloy. Reliability means the length of time in service that the initial functionality of the joint can be maintained.

SN100C, a Nihon Superior patented lead-free solder, meets that criteria and has become firmly established as one of the most popular lead free wave soldering alloy in global electronics industry. SN100C contains tin, copper, nickel and germanium, and perfectly combines the two properties of low copper leaching and minimum dross. It offers excellent solder joint quality, and keeps costs down as it does not contain silver. Additionally, it has exceptional resistance to thermal fatigue without shrinkage or cracking.

Stannol holds the SN100C patent from Nihon Superior and is produced to spec at the Stannol plant in Wuppertal Germany. The Stannol SN100C is only available in Canada through Diverse Electronics. For customers who wish to change to SN100C, Diverse offers technical support from experienced application engineers as well as in-process solder bath analyses free of charge. To learn more, contact one of our friendly and helpful representatives.


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